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Natural Process

Peanut Candy is made by hand-made process that involves the roasting of peanuts and the use of jaggery (unrefined sugar made from sugarcane). The peanuts are roasted until golden brown, which not only enhances their flavor but also helps to remove excess moisture.

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Organic Products

Organic jaggery, which is made from organic sugarcane, is also free from any chemical residues and often contains more minerals than conventionally produced jaggery.

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Biologically Safe

Peanut candy, made using roasted peanuts and jaggery, is generally considered biologically safe when consumed in moderation by most people. However, there are some potential health risks associated with peanut candy that should be taken into consideration.

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Kovilpatti Special

Peanut candy is also considered to be a healthy snack due to the high protein content of peanuts and the minerals present in jaggery.